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The way in which it will be prescribed depends on the type of condition being treated TaubExpress.com.

Program Services

Working directly with schools, clinics, non-profit organizations, corporations and a variety of individuals, NutraHealthFood packages up our various Education Services into a variety of organized group Program Services – some are fixed programs, but most are customizable based on the audience.

All NHF Programs are designed to educate about the importance of incorporating healthy eating habits and physical activity, the goal is to empower our clients with the ability to live an independently healthy life without having to rely on rigorous and strict diets – today and for years to come.

We provide the knowledge and tools, but the healthy lifestyle choice is yours!

Healthy–for–Life Nutrition Program

This is NutraHealthFood’s signature program, created and developed by founder Vilma Andari. The program is offered as a 3–, 6– and 8–week program depending on the amount of time you can devote and your level of commitment.

3–week H4LNP — Good for an introduction to nutrition and food science basics. Course includes lecture format education on food pyramid, nutrients, circulatory and digestive systems and interactive lessons such as BMI measurements and calorie calculation basics.

6–week H4LNP — Great for more in–depth education and preliminary personal analysis. Course builds on the 3–week program by adding lessons on processed foods, portion control, monitoring eating patterns and food label reading & interpreting.

8–week H4LNP — Best class to take for optimum results. Course begins with one–on–one or online assessment and follows with creating realistic personal goals, behavior change coaching, lectures, interactive workshops and post-class group gatherings and team building opportunities.

For More Information — Contact Us!

Shapedown Program — Weight Management for Children & Adolescents (Ages 6–18)

Both the success of the original SHAPEDOWN Program — developed and tested at the University of California San Francisco — and the serious need to cater to the large population of Spanish monolingual families within the Health Plan of San Mateo, resulted in a program expansion to serve the Latino community specifically.

As lead Spanish SHAPEDOWN Instructor, Vilma Andari conducts this family–based weight management program which is now fully translated into Spanish. SHAPEDOWN includes a series of eight weekly group sessions that incorporate clinical consultations to provide well–rounded health and nutrition education to the entire family.

Participants include qualified children and teens of Spanish–speaking decent, and their parents, who were previously unable to participate in SHAPEDOWN due to language barriers.

NHF Weight Management Program — Adults

Building off of the Healthy for Life, 8-Week Program, this specialized Weight Management Program provides overall health education in conjunction with targeted training and tips to reach and manage desired weight goals.

10– and 12–Week Program Includes:

  • Wellness Coaching
  • Short and long-term goal setting
  • Weight management strategies

Get Savvy with:

  • Supermarket shopping
  • Reading food labels
  • Surviving Restaurant Dining

The cornerstone of our Weight Management Program is the strength of each group to join together as a collaborative team. By fostering a fun education environment, we hope that our team will be eager to participate in class, provide peer support and motivation, share obstacle handling and success stories and even engage in physical activities together outside of class.

Through strength in numbers, successful weight management can be achieved.

Journey for Control — “Advancing diabetes education into the future.”

Thousands of patients are diagnosed with diabetes every day, yet not enough clinical time is spent per patient to help provide disease management education. Sponsored by Merch, the Journey for Control program addresses this growing issue by providing a new model for diabetes education. The program functions as an extension to doctor visits offering diabetes–focused education and interactive tools to help patients manage their diabetes.

Vilma is one of a few thousand people throughout the nation trained as a “diabetes educator”. The program engages patients in the education process so that they can learn to cope with their condition by leveraging a variety of innovative and interactive tools, such as the US diabetes conversation map tool, a variety of resources that provide advice on exercise and meal planning, as well as an up–to–date web site where patients can utilize a daily glucose tracker and exercise journal.

Mental Health and Wellness

Health and wellness is not limited to those suffering from obesity issues. Sometimes living a healthy lifestyle that consists of well-rounded nutrition consumption and physical activity is hindered by external factors, such as substance abuse, often directly inhibiting nutrient absorption and preventing consumption in the first place. Mental forces are strongly at play as a dependent must battle the urge to use the substance on a daily basis, often forgoing any thought towards a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle. As a result of partnering with the Women’s Recovery Association, Vilma has expanded her portfolio of offerings to include mental health and wellness programs—in this case, substance abuse recovery is the major obstacle.

Though currently focused on helping women who are recovering from substance abuse (see WRA feature), Vilma’s mental health and wellness services extend to resolving issues involving more complicated health scenarios. If you are interested in partnering with Vilma, please Contact Us.