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CEO and Co-Founder of NutraHealthFood Takes New Role as Obesity Director of AltaMed

December 11th, 2012

Vilma Andari, CEO and Co-Founder of NutraHealthFood, LLC, has taken another step forward in the fight against obesity. Vilma joins AltaMed Health Services Corporation, based out of Los Angeles, California, in January 2013. As the Director of Obesity Prevention, she will oversee Altamed’s obesity prevention programs and drive adoption of new initiatives and partnerships across 23 clinics in the Los Angeles and Orange County areas.

Joining AltaMed in this strategic position allows Vilma to better serve a greater number of communities and members and create impactful change through policy change, media awareness campaigns and collaborations with other large organizations and public health agencies in Southern California and abroad.

“I want to be a part of the obesity movement in whatever capacity will have the most impact,” says Vilma. “I felt that joining AltaMed and working with their amazing team and strategic partners was the best way for me to have the greatest impact at this stage; it really is an opportunity to make a meaningful difference. Real change in our nation is about to happen, and I’m so excited to continue to be a part of it.”

For more than seven years, Vilma collaborated with numerous organizations and non-profits, leading obesity initiatives and programs and creating positive change in the lives of countless families throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. In particular, she is passionate about combating childhood obesity in the underserved Hispanic community and collaborated with such organizations as the Health Initiatives of the Americas –Binational Health Week, the American Heart Association, the Inter–University Program for Latino Research by the University of Notre Dame, San Mateo County Health Department and the Health Plan of San Mateo (Spanish SHAPEDOWN).

Partnerships while at NutraHealthFood include:

  • Working with the Health Plan of San Mateo County and San Mateo County to lead the first implementation of the nationally-acclaimed pediatric weight-management program, SHAPEDOWN, in Spanish
  • Working with the Women in Recovery Association hosting nutrition, health and wellness classes
  • Serving as a spokesperson for the American Heart Association
  • Appearing as an expert guest speaker for various media companies including ABC7, Univision and Nuestros Ninos
  • Hosting lunch sessions and table days at corporations such as DES Architects
  • Serving on the Advisory Board for the Champions for Change Latino Campaign
  • Leading the 2009 National Nutrition Campaign for the Bi-National Health Week, a program from the UC Berkeley School of Public Health

Read More about Vilma’s Work >>

Aside from these collaborations, Vilma has worked with hundreds of children and their families to help improve their overall health, wellness and eating habits. She carries with her fond memories of the many families she worked with and cherishes the time spent working with them. Only a handful of stories are captured in the Testimonials section of NHF, though the experiences gained from learning of the struggles these families face every day and triumphs they achieved together by making simple lifestyle modifications will enrich her work at AltaMed.

“It’s really heartbreaking the amount of challenges and hurdles the families who I worked with face, but through it all, they were so appreciative of the weight management programs available to them. Many had no idea that what they were consuming was having such a huge impact on their lives and the health of their children. There is a lot of work to be done, but we’re taking steps in the right direction to make long-lasting change to solve the childhood obesity crisis within this generation,” comments Vilma.

Technology was one component to NutraHealthFood that was influential to the success of many of the programs Vilma led. It will continue to be available through NutraHealthFood, LLC to any organization in need of a health education program management system or patient health information tracking system—useful for any health education

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program, particularly those focused on disease prevention.

“Technology is critical. And, it is definitely something I anticipate incorporating as much as possible in any new venture. My previous successes would not have been possible without using our technology system, ePHITS; it’s really that essential and something I passionately advocate for all organizations to adopt,” expresses Vilma.

Vilma has positive thoughts for the year ahead: “I am supported by a team of really positive, engaged and passionate people who are collaborating together in amazing ways to move obesity to the forefront of our national discussion. Bringing my experience working directly with the underserved Hispanic community is critical in LA and Orange Counties, especially considering how significant the size of the Hispanic population is. 2013 is going to be a breakthrough year, absolutely.”

Contact us regarding this change or to inquire about ePHITS >>


Those who collaborated with Vilma expressed gratitude in working with her and congratulations on her new adventure:

“We certainly appreciate the opportunity to work with you and we most definitely wish you much success in L A. We thank you for your dedication and hope the best for your future ventures. If your work in San Mateo County is any indication, I am sure you will have a major impact in Southern California. Best wishes!!!” –Clinics Manager, San Mateo Medical Center

“This sounds like a great opportunity for you, though I’m disappointed that you won’t be continuing to help the families of San Mateo County. With my appreciation and wishes for a happy adventure and good health in 2013.” –CHDP Medical Consultant, San Mateo County Health Dept.

“Congratulations on your new position!! The kids in LA are lucky to have such an energetic knowledgeable and caring person to help overcome the obesity epidemics. We will miss working with you and we all appreciate all your good work with our families and teens from San Mateo County. Good luck and stay in touch.” –Staff Pediatrician, San Mateo Medical Center

“Wow! Sounds like an incredible opportunity and a huge move. Congratulations!! Of course, it’s such a huge loss for us. You’ve done so much to grow and improve the program. You will be sorely missed :( “ –-Manager, San Mateo County Health Department


About NutraHealthFood
NutraHealthFood aims to create a community of healthy individuals who are working toward maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle. Rather than focusing on the treatment of diseases, NHF focuses on prevention through proper education of what maintaining a healthy lifestyle really means. Combining the science of food with nutrition and health education, while also leveraging the powerful Patient Health Information Tracking System to track and report on patient and program success, the goal is to reduce the instances of obesity and chronic diseases, before the damage is done. Creating long-lasting change, plus implementing the latest in health research and innovation is paramount for NutraHealthFood.

About ePHITS The Electronic Patient Health Information Tracking System (ePHITS) by NutraHealthFood is a powerful technology services solution providing support to any health organization or healthcare professional looking to better manage their patient health records and improve the overall success of their organization, program or business. ePHITS serves health education programs and provides valuable insight into patient health progress, while streamlining overall programs management. More efficiently running programs, better insight and control of patient records, improved business operations and a drastic increase in productivity, revenue and overall patient and program success results by leveraging ePHITS.