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Healthy Halloween Guide—Surviving Sugar Overload

October 30th, 2012 by Vilma Andari

Halloween is all about costumes and candy! And this year, for those of us living in the Bay Area, the San Francisco Giants’ World Series Victory Parade!!

As nutrition and health experts, we at NutraHealthFood want to make sure that we are providing our readers with the most up-to-date compilation of resources and tips on how to celebrate this Halloween without compromising your overall health and daily healthy habits! So before you head to the store to purchase last-minute candy treats to give to your neighborhood trick-or-treaters or before you indulge in a handful of the so-called portion control ‘mini-treats’ tomorrow night, read our helpful information below!

Halloween Health Hazards
Fun festivities like Halloween can be fun, but also lead to health hazards. Before embarking on your Halloween adventures, check out ABC News’ report, 7 Halloween Health Hazards. This is a great resource for picking up tips on how to safely carve and light a pumpkin, keep your munchkins rash-free and prevent health hazards like tripping on costumes and overdosing on sugar!

Speaking of consuming too much sugar . . . Kaiser Permanente surveyed all of its Southern California pediatric chiefs on the top reasons kids end up sick after Halloween, and the survey clearly indicated that the culprit behind the post-Halloween illnesses is ‘overeating candy.’ They say, “Tummy aches are the most frequently reported childhood ailment during the season of ‘ghosts’n goblins’, and overeating candy seems to be the common cause.”

Join in the JAM World Record 2012

September 20th, 2012 by Vilma Andari

Mark your calendars for September 27th onlinepharmacy-cialis.com at 10:00am, your local time!!!


JAMmin’ viagra dose Across America! Join in a national campaign, lead by children, for “Just A Minute.” It’s a one-minute (stop everything right where you are) workout to raise awareness about the importance of increasing physical activity on the daily basis and making it a daily habit1.

Remember when Beyonce got us moving with Let’s Move last year? Well, this year a new precedent is being set as this is the FIRST physical activity initiative lead by children. Their goal is to sign up 2 million JAMmers to participate in the day’s one-minute activity.

Curious what the routine is? The minute-long JAM World Record 2012 routine already is available online, so kamagra oral jelly cvs check it out >>

And then sign up here so that your state will win the JAM title, based on the highest number of participants.

Why do I believe in this movement?

Today’s generation engages in more sedentary activities than ever before! Despite the multiple health benefits to our body and mind from engaging in physical activity—such as building strong bones and muscles, decreasing the likelihood of developing obesity and risk factors for chronic diseases, promoting positive mental health, and possibly helping youth improve their concentration, memory and classroom behavior2—many children and adolescents do not engage in the CDC recommended one hour or more of physical activity every day.

Kids, teens and their parents across the nation are preparing for a new school year, and there is no better time to start implementing some healthy lifestyle changes than now!

School supplies, snack packs and breakfast foods are among the items included in a back-to-school shopping list. Of course, all parents want what is best for their children, and they want to ensure that their kids’ kamagra growing bodies are getting enough nutrients needed to succeed. But, achieving this isn’t always as obvious or easy as it used to be.

Vitamins, minerals, and water are among the essential nutrients, while sugary, highly-processed foods, especially for breakfast, should be avoided. But as most parents have experienced, avoiding hidden sugars, processed foods and an ingredients list that includes words with more syllables than can easily be pronounced can be difficult. Especially when shopping with kids in tote!

Braving the cereal aisle can be trickiest of all. What you see and what your children see, don’t meet eye-to-eye. Watch this video to get a visual of how companies are catering their sugary treats to appeal to your kids, front and center: In Reach >>


Breakfast is for Champions!
Breakfast, as we all have heard, is one of the most important meals of the day. But, choosing what to eat is equally as important.