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The War Against . . . Cheetos!

July 23rd, 2012 by Vilma Andari

Taking action in our nation one 350 empty-calorie bag of snacks at a time

Childhood obesity: MAJOR PROBLEM!
Causes: Genetics, lifestyle, environment …. And so many others …

But, which one do you think is one of the main (if not THE main) factors contributing to the

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current obesity epidemic?

According to the CDC, behavior and environment play a large role in causing people to be overweight and obese. Yet, these are some of the easiest and greatest areas for treatment, and consequently, prevention of obesity. But, it takes EFFORT; and http://onlinepharmacy-cialis.com sometimes this is the biggest hurdle.

Enjoy my attempt at small intervention below . . .

Today, I had the opportunity to observe a family ‘food interaction’ and took action!

As I

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arrived to meet with one of my patients at one of my satellite pediatric clinics (located in a predominately low-income Hispanic neighborhood), I could not avoid noticing the usual street vendor “paleteros” (an buy viagra online ambulatory convenience store) waiting for his usual target customers who frequently purchase chips, candy, ice cream and more unhealthy snacks.

While I circled the parking lot trying to find a spot, I noticed a mother with her two young children waiting for a ride and a young man walking out of his apartment moving toward the paletero.

The vendor made the sale, and continued to ring his little bell – ling, ling ….

After circling the lot once more, I finally found a parking spot. I then noticed the mother with her two young children walking towards the paletero to purchase some type of snack too!

I waited a few minutes to see the results.

Then I saw the little girl, about 6 years old, holding the all-too familiar bright yellow-orange bag of “Cheetos.” If you could have seen how delighted this little girl was holding the bag and subsequently consuming her high calorie snack . . . but all I could think of was, judging from the size of the bag, that she was ingesting approximately 350 empty calories! That’s not even considering the fat, carbs, and sodium she was levitra online putting in her little body in this so-called “innocent treat.”

After watching this incident, I could not avoid approaching the mother and her children: This situation presented a great opportunity for intervention, treatment and hopefully prevention!

I introduced myself and told her what I did at the clinic – mainly preventing and treating kamagra 100mg childhood obesity. I asked if her children were patients at the clinic and if she was aware of the damage this type of snack was doing to her daughter and son. She responded “Yes!”

Me: “Can I

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take a picture of your daughter excluding her face?
Mom: “Yes.”
Me: “How old are your children?”
Mom: “My daughter is 5 years old and son is almost 2 years old.”
Me: “So, why did you purchase this type of snack if you know it is not healthy for your children?”
Mom: “Well, she kept asking and whining that she wanted to get a snack, so I finally got it for her. What can I do?”
Me: “Well, you are the parent and you have the power to say NO, correct?”
Mom: “Yes, she said, but…”
Me: Once more I’m trying to make my point –“What would you say if she asked for a cigarette or a beer, would you say YES?”
Mom: Her eyes opened wide at this time and responded, “No, this will make her sick!”
Me: “Well, don’t you think that if she eats too many empty calorie snacks, such as this, that they will make her sick and contribute to her greater weight gain?”
Mom: cialis vs viagra “Yes . . .”

At this point, she proceeded to snatch the bag of Cheetos from her daughter’s hands.

My last recommendation was to encourage the mother to say “NO!” to her children’s pleas for unhealthy snacks. And to the little girl, I gave her a high-five for not eating the chips. “Next time,” I suggested, “Grab a piece of fruit or some type of nut!”

I do not know if in the future this mother will stop http://onlinepharmacy-kamagra.com/cheap-generic-levitra-brand.html and re-think the types of snacks she is purchasing for her children, but my hope is that she will! Cigarettes and beer are not appropriate for a child, that’s obvious to most, but neither is a snack of 350 empty calories when a child is already facing weight and health issues.

Oh the artificial flavors, colors, sodium, saturated fats . . . . I just wish more parents knew what their kids were eating and for those that http://pharmacyexpress-viagra.com/ do know, TAKE ACTION! Our children are slowly (and sometimes very rapidly) plumping up, one Cheeto bite at a time, thus putting themselves at great risk for more health issues than most families can handle. Compounded, this is having HUGE implications for the entire nation, and world . . .

Well, the major issues the nation is facing related to the childhood obesity epidemic are finally reaching the greater public, despite the need for much more awareness and change. However, for now, I feel satisfied in knowing that I’ve at least intervened with yet one more family, if only for one afternoon sans Cheetos.

Do you have any experiences or recent scenarios like this? We all can cheapest viagra help, it just takes a little . . . EFFORT!


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