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The way in which it will be prescribed depends on the type of condition being treated TaubExpress.com.


NutraHealthFood was founded in 2007 by Vilma Andari in the greater San Francisco, California Bay Area.

This organization is driven by the vision and direction of Vilma, plus her collaborations with other health & wellness organizations and advocates of living a healthy, well–balanced lifestyle.

Strengthening our partnerships with members of the health community is important to us, so if interested or inspired with ideas, contact us.

Our Mission

Our mission is to improve the health of individuals of all ages, with a specialization in working with Hispanic communities, by providing better knowledge and understanding of how food, diet and lifestyle play a key role in the prevention and treatment of chronic disease and obesity.

The Approach is Simple

  • High energy education
  • Personal progress tracking and reporting
  • Easy–to–understand lessons
  • Collaborative environment
  • Practical tips
  • Short and long–term goal setting

We believe in the power of one, because a healthy lifestyle change starts with just one child, one parent, one teacher or one individual wanting to improve their overall well being.

Our hope is to create healthy families, work places, schools and communities that believe in physical activity and nutrient–rich foods to help live longer, healthier and happier lives.